Zainub Verjee will speak at Data Echo Culture on Data Shy to Data Driven – a project of GOG

How can Data help you understand and develop strategies centred around your audience? Synapse C presents Data Echo Culture. An international, free, online & bilingual event! April 27, 28 & 29!  Wait no longer and come join the conference by reserving your ticket here

Zainub Verjee, Executive Director of GOG, will be speaking at this fantastic and timely conference sharing the project that she is leading — Data Shy to Data Driven—at the Galeries Ontario/Ontario Galleries with Peter Pavement. Their presentation is on April 28, 2021. Data Echo Culture is formed by an impressive coalition of people from the cultural and data sectors

A special thanks to OCAD University,  Sara Diamond, Synapse C, Anne Torreggiani  and  Éric Lefebvrei 

Zainub Verjee image with a green Z in the foreground
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