Quotes from Ontario Art Galleries

The Arts will always rise again, but people need to feed their families, that is the most important. The arts will find a way. We are use to making amazing things out of nothing. We have more experience than anyone!

Glenhyrst Art Gallery Of Brant

There has been extensive stimulus arrangements for small businesses but for non-profit organizations, the non-profit worker and arts workers, will there be any efforts to investigate or supply any assistance to them. I feel in times like these we turn to the arts to uplift and inspire hope. 

St. Thomas-Elgin Public Art Centre

How will we ensure small scale organizations, that might not rely on earned revenue through ticket sales, are given support? What does long-term support look like for mid-to small-scale organizations given the impact we anticipate to contributed revenue.

Mercer Union, a centre for contemporary art

We are worried about the long-term impacts of this crisis on funding bodies, institutions, and artists. We want to express our concern for the future of our community and sector as a whole and want to ensure its continued vitality in addition to its survival. 

Art Gallery of Peterborough
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