GOG’s RESPONSE digital platform gains high traffic Nationally

Published April 22, 2020

GOG continues to work remotely and is actively engaged with the stakeholders on behalf of its membership. To address the new realities of working remotely, we set up this new Digital platform for the COVID19 Crisis—RESPONSE OAAG.

The primary thought was two-fold: one, to activate communication channels for the membership where they can come together for sharing information, discussions, and advisories with the intent that it will be a one-stop-shop for all the resources including Webinars. Two, to inform the membership about the advocacy work done on behalf of them to the Government, its agencies, and their representatives as well as the stakeholders in the Media.

We are pleased to inform that this new platform has been performing very well. The COVID19 response site published by GOG this month has already gained an audience and is now outperforming the main GOG website. In particular, social media is driving users to the site, broadening the audience across Canada. 

The graphic report for the web stats, with a comparison of the response site to the main GOG one. One can see some good figures there for a site that’s addressing a niche audience and is not even a month old!

A snapshot of high traffic on OAAG’s digital platform

Please keep up engaging this platform, share your thoughts and information.