Published May 25, 2020

We held our second Member Monday Meet-Up on May 25, 2020!

Our second meeting discussed how a “Digital Engagement Strategy and Fund’ could help institutions during and post-COVID crisis.

Members echoed that the sudden shift to digital has been a learing curve, but has opened up a space for innovation and to connect with their communities in a particular way.

It was discussed how going ‘digital’ is not a simple or straightforward process, and it is not enough to simply have the collectin available online. Members stressed the importance to have their institutions be accessible to the public in multilple ways from exhibitions to programming and visitor experience.

It was stressed that public art galleries and museums are in need of digital infrastructure and have been making due by leveraging what they alreayd have accessible. But, for them to be digital in a longer-term, they will need funding and assistance to develop the infrastucture in their institutinos to do so.

Even though they recognized that the Canada Council for the Arts Digital Strategy Fund is available and has proven useful, the Fund focuses on ‘planning’ not ‘implementation’. The Fund needs to be flexible to support art galleries in implementing their transitions to the digital so they can produce digital content and projects.

Past Member Monday Virtual Meet-Ups

May 4th, 2020 – Public Art Gallery Relief Fund
Our first meeting discussed how a ‘Public Art Gallery Relief Fund’ could help institutions during the COVID-19 crisis. The discussion focused on funding needed for survival, adaptation, and the digital.

You can view the full summary of the discussion here.