OAAG/AOGA Submission to Ontario Standing Committee on Finance and Economic Affairs

The Ontario Association of Art Galleries/Association ontarienne des galeries d’art (OAAG/AOGA) had the opportunity to present to the Ontario Standing Committee on Finance and Economic Affairs regarding the Culture and Heritage sectors. On Friday, 26 June, OAAG President, York Lethbridge, and OAAG Executive Director, Zainub Verjee, presented on behalf of our membership some of the harsh realities right now that art galleries are facing across Ontario especially given the precariousness of the sector prior to COVID-19 and how we are working for the long haul on the recovery and rebuilding of this sector.

Today, 06 July, we submitted a written brief to the committee outlining these issues that were presented. We are happy to share that document with you below.

OAAG/AOGA’s Recommendations included:

  1. ​Establish an Art Gallery Stabilization Fund with three components:
    1. Resilience Grants
    2. Subsidies for Reopening Costs
    3. Digital Assets Fund
  2. Increase Ontario Arts Council (OAC) funding by $20M (including $5M Indigenous Culture Fund)
  3. Create an Arts Education Tax Credit for Families
  4. Provide Marketing Assistance for Art Galleries

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OAAG/AOGA 2021 Pre-Budget Submission to Government of Canada - Ontario Association of Art Galleries | Association ontarienne des galeries d'art
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