OAAG/AOGA Member Monday Virtual Meeting: July 20, 2020

Join us next Monday, July 20th for our third OAAG/AOGA Member Monday Meet-up!

Topic 1: Submission to the Canada Standing Committee on Finance

The Canadian House of Commons Standing Committee on Finance has invited submissions from individuals and organizations in preparation of the 2021 Federal Budget, to be released in December 2020. This budget will mark future federal spending for the recovery and relief due to COVID-19. Recommendations by Canadians are more valuable than ever.  OAAG/AOGA is currently preparing a pre-budget submission for the August 07 deadline. What specific recommendations do art galleries have for the federal government? Are members planning on submitting their own recommendations? What resources can OAAG help provide to support members’ submissions?

Topic 2: Art Gallery Business Continuity During COVID

As art galleries are beginning to phase into reopening, it’s not ‘business as usual’. Institutions cannot generate revenue in the same way as they did pre-COVID, and need to look at alternative earned revenue streams. During this Member Monday, we’ll share and discuss how OAAG member art galleries have created and/or implemented business continuity plans. With many education, camps, programmes, and events cancelled, have galleries been able to find innovative solutions to earn revenue during this time?

Once you complete this registration form you should receive call-in details to the e-mail you provided. If you have issues accessing the call-in information please contact Jessica Lukas, Secretariat Coordinator @ members@oaag.org

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