Our third meet-up discussed Statements in Times of Socio-Political Crisis.

The current turmoil following deaths of Regis Korchinski-Paquet and George Floyd like past killings of Black, Indigenous, and People of Colour, has brought the issue of systemic racism to fore in socio-political discourse. Since the call for “blackout tuesday” and “Black Lives Matter”, many cultural organizations, public institutions, and private businesses have found themselves in midst of issuing a flurry of statements: some were verbal, some non-verbal and then there were non-statements. This forum on Monday facilitated a collective thinking on the topic of statement in times of socio-political crisis to help foster clarity of thought of action.

Members expressed that they wanted to write statements but felt it difficult as they did not want these statements to be empty promises. They wanted to ensure they were being intentional with their statements and able to be followed by concrete action. A few galleries also felt cautious as they do have connections with municipalities and rely on their support for building maintenance.

We discussed a greater issue of systemic racism in arts and cultural institutions. For example, looking at the Boards and Executive Leadership of these major institutions, there isn’t representation of Black, Indigenous, or People of Colour on these Boards.

We recognized that there is much work to do in dismantling systemic racism in arts and cultural institutions in Canada.

Past Member Monday Virtual Meet-Ups

May 4th, 2020 – Public Art Gallery Relief Fund
Our first meeting discussed how a ‘Public Art Gallery Relief Fund’ could help institutions during the COVID-19 crisis. The discussion focused on funding needed for survival, adaptation, and the digital.

You can view the full summary of the discussion here.

May 25th – Digital Engagement and Strategy Fund
Our second meeting discussed how a ‘Digital Engagement Strategy and Fund’ could help institutions during the post-COVID crisis.

You can view the full summary of the discussion here.

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