OAAG/AOGA 2021 Pre-Budget Submission to Government of Canada

The last five months have undoubtedly brought unprecedented change to Canada’s art landscape. Prior to March, the arts in Canada were in a precarious state; and the COVID-19 pandemic has exposed that instability even further.

During this time, OAAG/AOGA’s pre-budget submission to the Government of Canada in advance of the 2021 federal budget is more important than ever. Its focus is to return the arts in Canada to a healthier state than before the pandemic. Although short-term relief has aided the survival of art galleries; long term solutions are imperative for recovery and future development.

OAAG/AOGA’s submission builds upon similar needs and recommendations previously shared with the Government of Ontario’s Standing Committee on Finance and Economic Affairs in both a deputation and written brief (available here).

OAAG/AOGA’s Pre-Budget Recommendations:

  1. Provide subsidies for reopening costs
  2. Establish a Digital Assets Fund
  3. Provide a Basic Income Guarantee for all Canadians
  4. Extend and Adapt CEWS

Wondering what you can do?

Even as galleries are once again able to re-open, there is still a long road ahead and work to be done. Through this crisis, the arts have been proven to be nimble, adaptive, and essential for everyone; but critical support is needed for their survival.

Every art gallery has a unique story to tell during this time—from cancelled summer camps, ineligibility for federal relief funding, to postponed fundraisers, and increased digital expenses in order to pivot to digital content.

Ensure that your local Member of Parliament knows the reality that you are facing.

Email, call, or meet with your local MP.

Share your story. Share OAAG/AOGA’s brief. Share the need for long-term support.

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