COVID-19 Awareness Toolkit / Trousse d’outils de sensibilisation

Health Canada and the Public Health Agency of Canada have a number of free resources to help organizations help Canadians stay safe, healthy and informed.  The resources in this toolkit are available at coronavirus in a variety of languages. In addition, they have a toll-free line at 1-833-784-4397 (interpretation services are available in multiple languages) should anyone have any further questions. 

We encourage you to share Government of Canada materials with employees, customers, online, in workplaces and in-store and to direct Canadians to use as a credible source of information on COVID-19. Visit this website regularly for the latest information and resources.

About the toolkit

  • COVID-19 Vaccines: Access the latest resources and information on COVID-19 vaccines. 
  • General: Ready-to-print posters for the general public. 
  • Parents and Children: Ready-to-print posters for parents and children. 
  • Youth: Testimonials and resources for youth.  • Seniors: Ready-to-print posters and information for seniors. 
  • Indigenous peoples: Ready-to-print posters and videos for indigenous populations. 
  • Tools: Link to the self-assessment tool online, Wellness  Together Canada app and other COVID-19 related apps. 
  • Social media: Content ready to publish and share on your social media channels. 

See toolkit click here.

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